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Personen posieren vor einem Plakat zum Event der Partnerschaft zwischen Airbus und European School of Material Engineers (EEIGM)

15 years of partnership between Airbus and EEIGM University: lots of practical experience for students

Nearly 100 students from the European School of Material Engineers (EEIGM) have completed an internship at Airbus over the past 15 years. A partnership that bears fruit, combining research and industrial experience.

The EEIGM ("Ecole Européenne d'Ingénieurs en Génie des Matériaux") in Nancy, Lorraine, is a prestigious European "Grande Ecole" for engineering in the field of materials science: The five-year program starts in Nancy and continues after the undergraduate studies at one of the partner universities in other European or non-European countries. In the final year, students complete a six-month research internship at another partner university, followed by a six-month industrial internship with one of the industrial partners from around the world. EEIGM graduates are highly qualified multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary engineers in materials science. The most famous among them is the ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer.

Combination of research and industrial experience

In 2006, a strategic partnership started between EEIGM and the Airbus division "Materials, Processes and Tests (MPaT)". This was initiated by Dr. Clemens Bockenheimer (MPaT) as well as by the former EEIGM Director Prof. Jean Steinmetz and by the EEIGM Head of Industrial Cooperation Prof. Zoubir Ayadi. With the vision of an innovative and sustainable way of student education, an Airbus-EEIGM internship was created, which still exists today and is also supported by the current Airbus MPaT domain leader Dr. Claudio Dalle-Donne and the current EEIGM director Prof. Yves Granjon.

The Airbus EEIGM internship combines the usual six-month research internship and the six-month industrial internship into a novel twelve-month industrial research internship at Airbus MPaT in Bremen. The long duration of the internship enables the students and Airbus to work continuously and in depth on current research topics in high technology. The interns are closely integrated into the professional context with the help of experienced supervisors. In this way, students not only deepen their knowledge and understanding in the field of aerospace materials and processes. They also expand their understanding and skills in the areas of communication, project work, management, collaboration, reliability and self-reflection. Because of these special aspects, the Airbus-EEIGM internship enjoys special recognition among students and employers.

Next step with new projects and topics

To date, the Airbus-EEIGM internship covers the MPaT technology areas of non-destructive and destructive testing, structural health monitoring, failure analysis, composites and bonding technology, metals technology, surface technology and cabin materials. Since the beginning of the cooperation, around one hundred students have gone through the internship so far, growing a considerable technology family tree.
On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the cooperation, Airbus, EEIGM and also the students and graduates drew a positive conclusion: Trust, commitment, seriousness, cultural and technical compatibility between EEIGM and Airbus MPaT as well as the continuous development of the cooperation were praised. In the next stage of the Airbus-EEIGM cooperation, it is planned to position the internships specifically within ECOMAT 'joint ventures' on the following topics: Zero Emission, Life Cycle Assessment, Chromate-free Primer, Repair and Additive Manufacturing. This allows the young interns to work closely with ECOMAT partners on projects. In this way, new opportunities for learning, growth and professional careers open up for the interns through the ECOMAT partner network.

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Nearly 100 students from the European School of Material Engineers (EEIGM) in Nancy have completed an internship at Airbus over the past 15 years. A partnership that combines research and industrial experience.