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Moritz Steinhardt, Projektleiter Clustermanagement ECOMAT

Moritz Steinhardt is the new Project Manager Clustermanagement ECOMAT

In the interdisciplinary research and technology center ECOMAT (Center for Eco-efficient Materials & Technologies), networking and cooperations will come even more into focus in the future. With Moritz Steinhardt, new Project Manager Clustermanagement ECOMAT at Bremeninvest, the central services provider for economic development in Bremen, the Hanseatic city has won an expert for overarching networking.

The 30-year-old has in-depth experience in establishing and managing international collaborations with scientific and industrial partners. This includes, amongst other activities, the formation of German-Canadian project consortia for the implementation of joint research projects in the field of Industry 4.0.

Four questions for the Bremer-by-choice about his new responsibilities and his new environment:

Mr. Steinhardt, you have experience with international innovation networks. What are your impressions of the ECOMAT and the aerospace industry in Bremen during your first days?

Moritz Steinhardt: The ECOMAT allows for strong interdisciplinary collaboration between all participants under one roof, making innovation faster and more effective. What I really like is how science and industry meet here and work together on highly complex solutions for the challenges of today and tomorrow. As a beacon of leading-edge technology for climate-neutral flight, for lightweight construction, and for innovative materials, surface technologies and the digitization of development processes, the ECOMAT is a key factor for Bremen as a top location for the international aerospace industry.

What are your responsibilities as Project Manager Clustermanagement ECOMAT at Bremeninvest?

Moritz Steinhardt: The key objective of my position is to further develop the ECOMAT as a location factor for Bremen and an innovation network together with the ECOMAT partners. Here, the local exchange of knowledge will be further promoted and the ECOMAT will be integrated into additional global knowledge networks. Thanks to the spatial proximity of various partners in the building and the truly international nature of the competencies available in the ECOMAT, the research and technology center meets all the requirements to be a role model for interdisciplinary cooperation. Specifically, my position will involve, amongst other activities, developing national and international collaborative partnerships, boosting the visibility of the ECOMAT through focused marketing, and identifying opportunities for research, development and innovation projects.

What are you most looking forward to in the coming weeks and months?

Moritz Steinhardt: I am very excited to be working together with the partners of the ECOMAT and my colleagues at Bremeninvest. I was warmly welcomed and was able to gain a comprehensive insight into the wide range of activities at Bremeninvest in the first couple of days. I am now looking forward to working on the first concrete projects in the ECOMAT.

What do you enjoy about Bremen?

Moritz Steinhardt: Bremen is a charming place to live. The friendly people, the direct proximity to the water and the many places of interest, such as the impressive market square or the cozy Schnoor, make Bremen a city very worth living in. I enjoy being here and particularly love exploring the city by foot. Bremen is neither too small nor too big – I like that.

Thank you very much for the talk!


Moritz Steinhardt
Tel.: +49 421 9600 321
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH
Burgermeister-Smidt-Strasse 101
28195 Bremen

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