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Computed tomography group celebrates one-year anniversary

Building competencies in X-ray computed tomography - that is the goal of a joint working group of ECOMAT partners Airbus and Testia, which is now celebrating its first anniversary.

The four-member team has used the past year to build up a network of internal and external customers in the field of MPaT (Materials, Processes and Technologies), to exchange knowledge in the field of X-ray computed tomography and thus to be able to process customer orders quickly and comprehensively. For their work, the materials experts make use of a shared laboratory at ECOMAT, among other facilities.

The working group provides support in the areas of failure analysis, sampling (first part qualification), damage characterization, support in the development of non-destructive materials testing methods, and general support for development and research in the field of component testing.

Further test capacities are provided at ECOMAT by the Fiber Institute (computed tomography, scanning electron microscopy) as well as Airbus (X-ray rooms, scanning electron microscopy) and Testia (X-ray center).

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