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Blick in die Lackierk- (h.r.) und Vorbehandlungskabine (v.r.) des Zentrums für vernetzte Oberflächen- und Lacktechnik

Blick in die Lackierk- (h.r.) und Vorbehandlungskabine (v.r.) des Zentrums für vernetzte Oberflächen- und Lacktechnik

Fraunhofer IFAM opens center for digitally networked surface and coating technology

Fully automated process chains for robot-guided mobile and inline-capable applications for series use - Fraunhofer IFAM has set itself these development goals with its new center.

On more than 750 square meters of technical center space, the institute is pooling its expertise in the areas of cleaning, pre-treatment, coating, and quality assurance for the automated processing of small and large structures.

For example, technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and Internet-of-Things are to be integrated into the treatment and coating process. Because properly implemented, they offer enormous potential for the industry in product development, process efficiency and quality assurance. Artificial intelligence is also becoming increasingly relevant: Machine learning will be used here to control pretreatment processes, for example. Researchers at the new Center for Digitally Networked Surface and Coating Technology can make use of modern equipment such as a coating robot.

Further information on the research center can be found on the Fraunhofer website: https://www.ifam.fraunhofer.de/de/technologien/zentrum-fuer-vernetzte-oberflaechen-und-lacktechnik.html

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