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Strong together: HYDAC International joins ECOMAT

Bremen's ECOMAT research and technology center is joined by a new strong partner. Family-run HYDAC International GmbH will be an important addition in helping to shape the industry’s CO2-free energy transition. With its own office in ECOMAT, the company intends to create synergies in the future and benefit from shared laboratory facilities, the technical center and proximity to companies and scientific institutes in Bremen.

With over 50 international subsidiaries, HYDAC realizes projects in the fields of electrolysis, hydrogen refuelling stations, fuel cell applications and production technology all over the world. Proven products in cooling, valve, sensor, control and fastening technology are used throughout the entire hydrogen value chain.

At ECOMAT, the company intends to expand its expertise in the field of hydrogen. "HYDAC has been working with hydrogen for a very long time, but now the market has finally opened up. This gives us new opportunities for further development and research. What HYDAC has in common with ECOMAT is curiosity; we want to discover new technologies to advance the field of hydrogen," says Andreas Börgmann, Head of HYDAC's Hamburg/Bremen field office.

The contact with the Bremen research and technology center came about during a joint delegation trip to Silicon Valley on the topic of hydrogen at the end of 2022.  "ECOMAT has earned an excellent reputation in the aviation and space industry beyond the region. It thrives on its active community. With its engineering expertise, global presence and broad portfolio, HYDAC International enriches our network and enables us to further expand our expertise in the field of hydrogen and beyond," says Moritz Steinhardt, Project Manager Cluster Management ECOMAT at Bremeninvest, who is welcoming the new addition. Bremeninvest built the research center and has been operating it since 2019.

HYDAC International is also joining the ECOMAT association (Innovationsplattform ECOMAT e.V.). It is joining a growing ECOMAT community that is providing new impetus for the industry, expanding the research infrastructure and bundling competencies. "We see many potential synergies in future technologies such as hydrogen, climate-neutral flying and lightweight construction. The ECOMAT association offers us the opportunity to take a strategic and structured approach to research projects and to initiate new projects," explains Christof Gränitz, Head of Hydrogen & Advanced Solutions at HYDAC.

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