[The ECOMAT scholarship program]

The ECOMAT scholarship program supports education and further education in the field of science in the Federal State of Bremen by offering financial aid for people taking up PhD projects. The program aimed at young postgraduates from MINT (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology) subjects who want to embark on a PhD.

Its objective is to promote research into new technologies in the fields of materials, additive manufacturing, aviation and aerospace technologies and lightweight construction. The PhD scholarship helps companies open up new areas of research by providing them with well-qualified specialists.

For companies:

Are you embarking on a new and interesting project involving materials, additive manufacturing, aviation and aerospace technologies or lightweight construction, which would be a suitable field of study for a PhD? ECOMAT's scholarship program can help you attract a highly qualified postgraduate for your project, who can then work with you to progress development in this field.

The scholarship is managed by university staff from the State of Bremen and requires its recipient to attend lectures and seminars at the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes at the University of Bremen. This ensures that participants achieve the required levels of technical qualifications.

Participating companies will provide the topic to be investigated, a workplace with appropriate equipment, a contribution to the scholarship and, if necessary, a grant for research costs. The ECOMAT Innovation Platform arranges contact with the tertiary education establishments, decides on the conditions of the scholarship and provides professional support.

You will find more information about the terms and conditions in the Scholarship Guidelines (PDF) (only in German).

For graduates

ECOMAT's doctoral scholarship program gives postgraduates in MINT subjects the opportunity of working independently for up to three years, with professional support, in a real life scientific research field.

To participate in the scholarship program, you will need to have completed a master's degree (or comparable) in one of the MINT subjects, have been awarded a grade of "good" or better (under the German marking system... or your local equivalent) and be ready to embark on a PhD. You must have graduated no more than three years ago. The scholarship program usually runs for 36 months, but can be extended for a further 12 months. The grant value is in line with the usual funding rates for scholarships.

Participants must attend a course of studies at the MAPEX Center for Materials and Processes at the University of Bremen. A letter confirming their willingness to provide academic supervision must be provided by a member of university staff before the scholarship can be awarded. The exact terms and conditions, funding, application formalities and requirements for taking part in the scholarship program are set out in the Scholarship Guidelines (PDF).

Current scholarships:

currently there are no free scholarships